What should I do if I get pulled for speeding? What if I ignore the ticket?

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Located in Seattle (Bellevue), the Law Office of Sonny Shin, PLLC, is dedicated to providing you with quality representation for your traffic matter. We are here to help you understand your options. To assist you in understanding your speeding ticket offense, we offer the following FAQs about speeding ticket violations.

What Should I Do If I Get Pulled Over for Speeding?
BE POLITE. By the time an officer pulls you over, it is likely they already made up their mind whether to give you a ticket. Being angry or argumentative WILL NOT help. It may, in fact, be more detrimental to you because the officers will often write in their notes how they perceived your attitude, which will later be read by the prosecutor and the judge. In addition, being polite may incline the officer to cite you with a "lower" charge and not the full fine.

DON'T ADMIT GUILT OR TRY TO EXPLAIN CIRCUMSTANCES. When an officer pulls you over for a traffic infraction, you may be inclined to try to explain circumstances e.g. "I'm late for work." "I was going with the flow of traffic." or "I was speeding but... " The officer will more likely than not, write what you said in the police report which will be used against you in court.

What Should I Do If I Get a Speeding Ticket or other Traffic Infraction?
On the back side of the ticket, you will see a lot of information. Sometimes this information may be confusing to the average person.

If you have a speeding ticket or other non criminal traffic infraction, you have three options: 1) pay the fine, 2) ask for mitigation or 3) fight it at a contested hearing. With all of these options, you only have 15 days within which to respond after getting your ticket. Of course, we recommend contacting an experienced attorney to fully understand your options.

What Will Happen If I Ignore the Ticket or Don't Respond?
YOU MUST RESPOND WITHIN FIFTEEN (15) DAYS FROM THE DATE THE SPEEDING TICKET IS ISSUED. Failure to respond may lead to your infraction being found committed which will affect your driving record. Failure to pay on a committed ticket may lead to; 1) a higher penalty, 2) your case being referred to a collection agency and 3) a driver's license suspension. Do not take a traffic ticket lightly; it may comeback to haunt you, costing you more in insurance rates, collections and late fees, and even damage to your credit score.

THE THREE WAYS YOU CAN RESPOND Option 1: PAY THE FINE (NOT RECOMMENDED in fighting a traffic infraction)

Simply pay to the court the amount stated on the front of the ticket. Your ticket WILL BE FOUND COMMITTED and it WILL GO ON YOUR DRIVING RECORD.

Option 2: MITIGATION (NOT RECOMMENDED in fighting a traffic infraction)

Mitigation means that you agree that you COMMITTED the infraction; however you would like a reduction in the cost of the ticket. At a mitigation hearing you will have the opportunity to explain your circumstances to the court. After looking at your traffic record and the circumstances surrounding the infraction, the court MAY agree to reduce the fine. Once again I emphasize that you are agreeing that you COMMITTED the traffic violation. This infraction WILL APPEAR ON YOUR DRIVING RECORD and may affect your insurance rates.

Option 3: CONTESTED HEARING (RECOMMENDED in fighting a traffic infraction)

A contested hearing is where you have the opportunity to challenge an infraction. A court date will be giving to you. The state must prove by a PREPONDERANCE OF THE EVIDENCE (more likely than not) that you committed the infraction.

At our office, we will fight for you at the contested hearing. Unless your presence is needed, you will not be required to attend the hearing. We will fight your ticket for you to get the best possible outcome.

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