Why should I retain a lawyer? Traffic offenses could cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

Traffic Offenses Are Serious; Traffic Tickets Could Cost You Tens of Thousands of Dollars

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In Washington, a traffic ticket could lead to a high fine and a substantial increase in insurance premiums. In addition, depending on your driving record and the seriousness of your traffic offense, you could lose your driving privileges or go to jail.

Despite the seriousness of the consequences, most people do not contest their traffic ticket. Typically, a traffic ticket is not contested because of a belief that:

The ticket is not serious enough to warrant any real concern; or It is not worth taking the time to contest the ticket.

Located in Seattle (Bellevue), the Law Office of Sonny Shin, PLLC, aggressively defends clients who are cited with a traffic ticket or serious traffic offense.

Little Problems Can Add Up to Big Problems Down the Road
A speeding ticket may not seem like much standing alone. But if you string a few tickets together you may be fighting to retain your driving privileges.

Most people realize it is better to tackle a problem while it is a small problem, rather than waiting for it escalate into a much larger and complex problem. Your traffic ticket (if it is a moving violation) is probably worth fighting. Consult with an experienced Seattle traffic violations lawyer to discuss your options.

High Fines and Higher Insurance Rates Can Be Substantially More Expensive than a Seattle Traffic Ticket Defense Attorney
Traffic tickets, at the very least mean high fines. Traffic tickets can also end up costing you a lot more money from increased insurance premiums. A great number of drivers see their insurance rates climb after they are convicted of a traffic violation (paying your ticket through the mail is an admission of guilt and counts as a conviction).

Hiring an attorney could mean avoiding a conviction and higher insurance premiums, while protecting your driving privileges and perhaps your freedom. It is worth consulting a traffic ticket defense lawyer to discuss your traffic ticket and the potential consequences.

You May have Alternatives to Waiting for Hours to Fight a Ticket
Many people avoid going to court because of horror stories about waiting all day to be heard, only to be found guilty anyway. In many cases, we can take care of your traffic matter for you with a phone call, and you won't need to interrupt your busy schedule.

Sometimes people who attempt to represent themselves do not understand the law or how to properly state their case to put themselves in the best light in the eyes of the law. In some traffic matters, we can help you avoid a conviction because we understand the law, the right questions to ask and how to state your case in the best possible light.

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